023: The Controversy Behind “Peak Performance” With Josiah Igono

Peak Performance has become a trendy word over the last 18 months with people both leaning towards, and away from it.

With different opinions and feelings on the topic, Josiah Igono is here to set it straight.

As the MLB Director of Peak Performance for the Texas Rangers, he’s in the trenches daily helping professional athletes to impact their confidence, health, and overall results.

A couple of things to listen for in this episode:

  • What “peak performance” really is (and why it’s become so controversial in pro sports)
  • How the MLB could become the leaders in peak performance (and why they’re behind in 2018)
  • “Restaurant psychology”
  • The biggest mistakes Josiah sees professional athletes making in the off-season
  • Core baseline measurements every high performer should be tracking
  • Can confidence be measured?
  • The NUMBER ONE performance killer
  • How to overcome negative (and often false) perceptions about others
  • Using your vocabulary to impact your performance (and a few words you can start focusing on now)
  • How to build your confidence through vicarious experiences
  • Reframing what you say to get better results
  • The importance of morning (and daily) routines
  • An easy formula to exponential increase your probability of success
  • Three MAJOR things perfectionists don’t do


  • “Peak Performance is a continuum. – Josiah Igono
  • “Start small.” Josiah Igono
  • “If you don’t rest you’ll crush all gains.” – Josiah Igono
  • “If you don’t have baselines measures, how will you know if you improved? If you have a baseline, then you can construct a plan.” – Josiah Igono
  • “Performers always perform from strength… You can’t perform from weakness.” – Josiah Igono
  • “If you don’t have a plan you will not have clarity. If you don’t have clarity you won’t have progress.” – Josiah Igono
  • “Whatever you think you are going to say. What you say you’re going to eventually do.”
  • “Know yourself. Know others. Improve yourself. And then you can Impact others.” – Josiah Igono
  • “The perception of others is the number one performance killer.” – Josiah Igono
  • “Your body language can and will directly affect your levels of testosterone and cortisol.” – Josiah Igono
  • “Instead of saying “I can’t do X”, say “I can get X – when I do X”. – Josiah Igono
  • “How can you go ALL OUT if there is a presence of a fear of failure?” – Josiah Igono


Books Josiah Mentioned (Amazon links):

  • Essentialism
  • Sliders by Jeff Wilson
  • Win Forever
  • Deep Work
  • Chalkbook Charity Water
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership
  • John Maxwell
  • How Successful People Think
  • Talent Is Never Enough
  • Genius Relentless

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