019: From a buddy’s Garage to $60 million with Taylor Holiday

Taylor Holiday knows business.

After avoiding law school (which he calls a stroke of luck) he lived the glorified garage to glory story. Power Balance grew to over 100 employees and a $60 million valuation.

Today, as the managing partner of Common Thread Collective, Taylor’s team empowers eCommerce companies to reach new levels.

On the show, Taylor talks about three of the hottest topics on professional athletes and business persons minds:

  1. Startups & venture capital
  2. Balancing life & work
  3. Influencer marketing & networking

Some highlights from today’s episode:

  • The strike of luck that kept Taylor from attending law school and ended up with him founding a company
  • How Taylor took Power Balance from 3 people in a garage, to a $60 million dollar company (and Kobe Bryant wearing their gear)
  • The secret sauce behind the success of Common Thread Collective
  • Balance: Is it a real thing? Taylor shares how he manages business, family, and health.
  • What marketing strategy is more powerful? Influencers? Or actual users of the product?
  • Should athletes reach out to brands they want to work with directly?
  • The most powerful platforms for influencers
  • How to get the attention of any brand or business you’d like to work with
  • The investments that have been most impactful for Taylor


  • “The best influencers are actually power users of the product more than they are famous people.” – Taylor Holiday
  • “If you’re an influencer, follow the advertising dollars and spend your time there.” – Taylor Holiday
  • If you really like the product you’re promoting, it’s going to be more meaningful.” – Taylor Holiday
  • “Audit the things you’re deeply passionate about and figure out a way to tell people about it.” – Taylor Holiday
  • “The relationships with influencers and brands that work best are the ones that are connected to your true passion.”  – Taylor Holiday


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