020: Being a Pro On & Off The Field

You have heard it said before, “you are your greatest asset.”

My question is what are you doing today to increase the value of your greatest asset?

It’s time to start thinking like a business owner. The CEO of Athlete, Inc.

I know, you have heard it before. Most likely from your agent or a marketing company trying to convince you to “monetize” yourself.

Yes, making money can be an element of it but it’s far more important than just making money.

The truth is, how successful you are going to be during your career and after depends on it.

On this episode of the Athlete CEO Podcast I layout:

  1. Overcoming the Fears of Thinking About Yourself As a Business
    1. I don’t want to be distracted and my performance suffer
    2. Social Media is not for me
    3. I’ve already made enough money so I don’t need a platform
    4. I’m not famous enough
  2. Shifting Your Mentality from Amateur to Pro
  3. How Shaq, LeBron, A Rod….and Lewis Howes and Devan Kline (who?!) leveraged their careers into success personal brands and companies
  4. The Opportunities You Create By Becoming a Business
  5. Where To Start

I challenge you to start today. Right now. Listen here to get the Roadmap for creating your Athlete, Inc company.

  • Why Building a Platform Matters
    • Control Messaging
    • Build An Audience to Nurture Relationships
    • Financial Freedom – Create Passive Income
    • Investment Opportunities
    • Philanthropic Impact
    • Post Career Opportunities


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