024: 3 Ways To Make Effective Decisions

How confident are you that every decision you are making is the best decision you could make?

What is your confidence based on?

Our human nature, unsurprisingly, has not always served us well in making decisions.

We tend to be emotional, see the world with a specific lens, and are often challenged to make big stakes decisions in limited time regardless of what is happening in life at the the moment.

While we may not be talking about pushing the “Red” Nuclear launch button we are talking about the quality of your life.

A couple of things to listen for in this episode:

  • The barriers we must overcome to effective decision making
  • The principles behind effective decision making
  • An effective, straightforward process for making high quality decisions


  • “The best decision is always the one that meets prioritized objectives.” – Erik Averill
  • “A decision can never be better than the best-known alternatives.” – Erik Averill
  • “Decision making is a process and if followed it can eliminate much of the potential conflict.”
  • “Every piece of financial advice requires a decision.” – Erik Averill


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