026: Season One Finale

Welcome Back to the Athlete CEO Podcast. I want to begin today’s show by thanking each and everyone of you. The investment of your attention, feedback and willingness to spread the word means the world to us. 

Today’s show will mark the end of our official First Season of the Athlete CEO Podcast. 

Over the past 25 episodes we had the privilege to hear from incredible people whom I personally have learned so much from and hope you have as well. 

We will be taking a break for the holiday season and are busying planning an incredible season 2 of the Athlete CEO Podcast. We have some exciting interviews ahead and will be rolling out new ways to engage with our guests and their content. 

To end this season let me return to the beginning of why we are here. 

We believe you are your greatest asset. 

My question is what are you doing today to increase the value of your greatest asset?

Whether you are a professional athlete wanting to carry your success into the business world or the entrepreneur trying to break through the next ceiling, we are here to help you reach the level of success you want to achieve.

We would love to know what that means for you in 2019 and how you think we could help you move closer to achieve it.

Shoot me an email at erik@athleteceo.com or connect with us on social.

We will see you in 2019 with Season 2 of the Athlete CEO Podcast!

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