018: Neil Jones On Flying Your Own Path In Life

Ever feel like this?..

You’re trying to find your purpose, but you keep jumping from shiny idea to shiny idea.

So did today’s guest – until he found helicopters.

Neil Jones had a tough upbringing that required a lot of work and challenges that shaped him into a modern day entrepreneur.

In the chase of his passion and purpose, he went on to found Quantum Helicopters where he offers helicopter flight training.

Regardless of the perceived obstacles and lack of resources, Neil created his own path and learned what it took to be successful.

Professional sports isn’t much different…

Some people will doubt you, some will support. But, it’s the ones that work hard day in and day out that see the long-term results.

A couple of things to listen for in this episode:

  • The story of how Neil fell in love with helicopters
  • What series of events happened to Neil that shaped his views and work ethics
  • The best piece of advice Neil ever received (that applies to athletes and entrepreneurs alike)
  • Advice for anyone looking to start a business
  • The reality of the word “mentor”
  • Neil’s favorite business resources
  • What success means to Neil


  • “If you want to be successful, you have to show up to work everyday.” – Neil Jones
  • “Work to learn, not so much to earn.”  – Neil Jones


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